Monday Morning.

So after an arduous journey aboard Copa Airlines to David via Panama City, we rented a car and proceeded to lose ourselves in the Panamanian outback for a couple of hours. Fortunately, Leroy’s stubborn persistence in making his phone connect to local systems, he’d and Dan were able to map our route to the Shaman’s house. Wakana greeted us warmly despite our belated arrival. It was decided among us, that I would be the first to participate in a Siba, which is the preliminary counseling session that determines the goals for the Ayahuasca ceremony and helps Wakana learn how to assist us in the journey. Part of the Siba involves having a mixture of herbs and ash called rape (pronounced rapay) which helps us relax and let a more free-association experience happen. This session lasted three hours. When I was done, Dan and Leroy were back, after securing pour lodgings, to a) pick me up and b) let Dan have his Siba experience. I took a nap. Then we picked up Dan cam back to Boquete and had a delicious dinner at Big Daddy’s restaurant. We played a few hands of cribbage after showing Leroy the game. He held his own but Dan still kicked ass. 

This morning we will do some exploring of town, pick up some needed items and then take Leroy out to Wakana’s for his Siba. In the mean time what I’d like to do is show you the view up the hill from and down in the backyard of our AirB&B: imageimage

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