Thursday Afternoon:


Above is the river we will cross this evening when we return for our second Ayahuasca ceremony. I don’t know the name of it and I don’t know how to ask.

Dan and Leroy are looking forward to this night and what it will bring to them. The Shaman tells me that I have resistance and need to quit resisting. I honestly don’t feel like I am resistant but we all know that there are things that go on deep in our psyches that we are unaware of. My plan is to do my best to let go of or explore or whatever I need to do to get past the resistance (easier said than done.)
Leroy has a son named Cortez (I am honorary godfather) who was born with a major disability which makes communication difficult. Leroy has long felt that he has been missing something by not being able to understand Cortez’s spirit. So Leroy has set a goal of being able to make that connection and to make it lasting.

Dan has long made negative judgements about his self. His goal is to learn to be more compassionate toward himself. So we all have bridges to cross and below you will see one of the bridges that we use to get to the ceremonial venue. I truly hope that the metaphorical bridge I have to cross does not collapse under my feet.


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