Friday Afternoon


Above is the rainbow that appeared in the sky shortly before we set off for the second ceremony. I took it as a good sign – and, indeed, the whole experience last night was very positive.
After the first ceremony I had been made aware of something in me that wanted to be born. As I told Dan and Leroy, it felt like a baby elephant – past it’s due date. Then, after I went to be and was trying to sleep, I was given a sort of Lamaz instruction on breathing and a mantra to help. Last night, though I remember little of what the journey was about, I know that the breathing exercises and the mantra helped me through. One of the intention cards I had drawn was about sacrifice. I was led to allow the joint pain that I often have when lying down to become a sacrifice for others in the room. In our debriefing, others reminded me that sacrifice is also about making sacred and that pain often accompanies healing. That’s the value of a debriefing with the other ceremonial attendees. I heard other attendees attest to healing that they had received and to being encouraged to take their spiritual journey the the next appropriate place.

Dan story was about receiving a tool to be make more compassionate assessment of himself and his experiences. All in all a very positive experience for him.

Leroy experienced the profundity of how the medicine actually works and with a second dose he was able to pick up pieces of himself that had been hidden away for a long time. The whole experience “satisfied my craving for how this all works as well as showing me to the full potential of the medicine and how deep it can go.”

Tonight we are scheduled to have dinner with Anya and Chichi. Anya is the person who made this connection to the Ayahuaca healing possible. Chichi is her husband. We are all looking forward to that and, fortunately, we are not so wiped out this time that we will be able to enjoy it.



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