Leroy’s Update

LeroyI asked Dan and Leroy about how things had gone/changed since our trip. This is what Leroy sent:

Well I’ve lost another 15 pounds. I’m much more conscious (in the moment) about my eating habits as well as my day to day activities. My taste in reading and listening material has shifted into a more heart centered space instead of knowledge of obtaining power. I’ve recently purchased a book called the collective work of the wingmakers which is interesting. I feel much more care free. I don’t have as much anxiety as I use too regarding bull shit. The first couple of weeks were tough because I could see very clearly how ass backwards our culture is here, and how the masses fall for this bread, and circus non sense. I could feel the pressure of the culture trying to suck me back into its hysteria. Since then I’ve learned to disconnect and detach my self from it. However the result of doing this is feeling out of touch with society and not really tuning into people’s so called problems. My perspective seems to have shifted into a much bigger picture. I have to watch this because I don’t want to come across as insensitive or uninterested regarding my wife’s work life, and school practicum experiences. It’s a very strange space that I am in right now. This is not to be thought of as negative just different because I’ve never been so carefree. I’m not sure if carefree is even the right word to describe it. Control free???
I also see a lot of anomalies in my peripheral vision now. It use to happen once in a great while before. Now it’s everyday multiple times. I almost had a out of body experience while I was driving my son to red rock. That scared the shit out of me because I don’t want to get in an accident. That’s pretty much it on my end. How about you

I thought it would be good to show that it’s not just me who’s processing. It is different for each of us. My process goes on as I learn to deal with long-standing anxieties – some of which I had not even realized I was carrying. As a result I am meeting the world more “head-on.” I’m sorry that these posts aren’t regular. I do them when there is something to say.  I am certainly grateful to Leroy for paying close attention to his process. Thanks man.  j1wqlbbhqfog5aazbdqhig Ron

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