Sabados:Dia de Madre (en Panama)


They’re getting ready for Christmas in Boquete, Panama and, also, today is Mother’s Day. Dan, Leroy and I are biding our time until we head out for our last ceremony. We are all looking forward to it and trying to home in on an intention to take into ceremony with us. Two of the larger group will not be there today; one because she is so wiped out and the other because she had to go back to Costa Rica. Tomorrow, appropriately, will be a day of rest and recovery from the strains of the Ayahuasca ceremony. We will have Monday to explore someplace other than downtown Boquete, maybe do a little hiking. Then: We’re outta here on Tuesday. We have a nine thirty flight out of David to Panama City. There’s a two hour layover, thankfully, so we can get through security and on to the Copa Air flight to LAX. Three hours in LA and on to Portland.

We are all looking forward to this last ceremony as well as now trying to figure out how this experience will fit into and alter our lives in the future. I came here hoping for a transformative experience and although I don’t feel transformed, I know that even with a transformative experience, transformation is a process. I hope that having begun I can continue the process and realize a new life back in the mundanity of “regular” life.

At this moment both Dan and Leroy are taking naps so I can’t really query them about their hopes for this last session. But earlier today, Leroy had talked about developing a new discipline, becoming more compassionate. Worthy goals indeed. Dan doesn’t really talk about what he hopes to get out of this session though he would, if asked. I will let y’all know tomorrow how it went. And I will keep posting until I don’t have anything else to say. So If you have followed this blog, please check in again. Maybe something interesting or troubling or wise and profound will find it’s way into this space.



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