Sunday: Horn for my ear


What you see in that picture is not a funnel. It looks like a funnel, walks like a funnel but in reality it is the ear horn I bought after our first ceremony because, with the noise of the music, I was unable to hear the shaman when she spoke to me. I have had the ear horn available since then but it wasn’t used once due to altered circumstances. For those of you who don’t know what an ear horn or ear trumpet is, in the old days a before electronics, nearly deaf people were obliged to ask others to speak into the bell of the horn which would then funnel the spoken word more directly into the ear. It works – a little.

Last night we had a very intense night of spiritual activity with several healings and heavy contact with spiritual entities of one kind or another. It was so busy that our debriefing took over two hours with some follow up activity for a few people. As a result we did not get back to the condo until nearly two o’clock. Each of us wiped out in our own way. I will not try to describe all that went on right now. I just wanted to make sure that y’all knew that we had a big night and got home safe. As with Thursday night, I was unable to process much of what happened to me. For that reason, I will not attempt to describe it at this time. After I get the feedback from Wakana, and am able to put it together with what I do remember, I will tell my story of the ceremony.

Leroy again had a big night and Dan seems to have had a good but unremarkable night. Once we have had a chance to compare notes I hope to share some of their third ceremony stories. For now, thanks for checking in. This has been an amazing  experience, one I would not hesitate to follow up on if given the opportunity. There are big things happening in the world as we all know and not all of it is happening in the political realm. The most significant things are, no doubt, happening in the spiritual realm, making me more convinced than ever of the need for a positive, open and loving spiritual life, and a story to convey the importance of living that life.


Ron.                                   image

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