A Week Later


It’s been a week since Dan, Leroy and I have left Panama. What you see above is a photo of the Grotto altar at Our Lady of Sorrows Grotto in Portland. I took Leroy there before taking him to catch his flight back to Las Vegas. Leroy was overwhelmed by the beauty and holy peace of the Grotto. Me too, really.

I knew that I would still be processing my experience with the Ayahusca and that is true. I am still awaiting Wakana’s message to me from “Mama Aya.” So I do not have “closure” for the experience yet. But even with that I would be processing for a long time. I know that Wakana has a lot on her plate so I am being patient as I await her e-mail. I return to work today and I will be sharing this experience with my colleagues there. They all expressed a lot of interest in what I was about to do. My two daughters were quite interested as well and it was fun and good to share with them our experiences.

So far I am most surprised at how so many things over many years led me to this journey. Many of my Christian/Catholic friends would be alarmed that I was doing something so pagan. But God our Creator, has led me over many years to understand that the world is imbued with the Creator’s spirit. As am I. My prayer and my work is to deepen my experience of God through deeper experience of the world, to get to know the spirit in and through other people and through the flora and fauna of our wondrous earth. Engaging in a spiritual ceremony using Ayahuasca is one way to do that. To engage in these things with a wise and caring person such as Wakana makes it an enhancement of my own spirituality and helps me to broaden and strengthen my sense of God in the world. St. Francis of Assisi  would get it. I will be exploring this further as I continue the blog. I will continue the blog until there is nothing more for me to say. I hope, for those of you who read this, that you will find something that brings you closer to the ever-present spirit of God in everything that surrounds us.





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