PVuBz7aNQi6GvK0mb0v5tAThis is my friend, Anya, She is a very special lady who has some very special interests which I will not go into here but you should get to go to her place in the country. Anya is the person who connected me with Wakana and helped to arrange for my Ayahuasca ceremony experiences. I asked Anya to share her own journey and here it is:

Ayahuasca Testimonial

Ayahuasca, in short, gave me the opportunity to live my life. What I mean to say is, I now feel sustained joy in being alive, as opposed to existence in struggle. I kicked 35 years of anti-depressant and ADD med dependency. I no longer think and behave addictively with alcohol, opiates, and food. I no longer entertain suicidal ideation. I broke a 15 year insomnia schedule that never allowed me to get a restful night sleep. I gained a working metabolism, hormonal regulation, and natural dopamine release. Moreover, emotional issues I had spent decades of years and thousands of dollars to exorcise, were, one by one, expunged, in Ayahuasca ceremony. That is not to say that all of this occurred in a single ceremony. I’ve experienced and have born witness to individual paths of readiness to allow the medicine to work it’s magic. For me, it came in an initial 3 journey experience 10 years ago, and then, when I was ready, a full year of multiple ceremonies. If I were to express the full weight of my gratitude, awe and joy for the miracles I have received in my work with the medicine, my testimonial might seem overstated and off-putting. So, I am choosing here to maintain a factual accounting of the freedom I have gained from this amazing work. I now love life. I didn’t before. I now feel peace with life being finite. Before, I both feared mortality and simultaneously wanted to end my life. I now accept others for who they are, rather than feel either compelled to save them, in judgment of them, or afraid of them. I am now kind to myself. I speak of my failings in past tense and honor myself, without having to first compare myself to some artificial “norm” before rendering judgment. My choices are good for me. I am good. I am me.


That said, Ayahuasca isn’t for everyone. One has to be ready, open-minded, and brave. I do not push the opportunity to work with a Ayahuasca shaman on anyone, because it is not for everyone. If it is your time, you will naturally find yourself drawn to learning about it and will eventually feel compelled to explore it personally.

I am very grateful to you Anya. I hope we can participate in ceremonies together again.

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